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Air Conditioning Units Ideal for Sterile Environments Air Conditioning & Ventilation for commercial kitchens Surgical Area's . Food Prep . Sterile Environments

Ceiling Suspended Air Conditioning units  professionally fitted by Airtech's experienced engineers.This is just one of the many systems that are Ideal for the catering industry due to high performance oil mist filters.

We are able to Design, Supply And Install a vast range of air conditioning units suitable for the commercial industry, The image illustrated above is the Mitsubishi  Electric PCA-RP125HAQ.

We understand the importance of your requirements for sterile and hygienic working environments and work to the highest standards to maintain 100% customer satisfaction.

To discuss your requirements and the various options that are available.

Please don’t hesitate to call our engineering sales team on 01342 836000 or email

Stainless Steel Air Conditioning Units