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Airtech Service department provides service, repair & planned maintenance for all your HVAC requirements. Our friendly and reliable engineers are able to carry out prompt call outs within the London, Surrey, Kent and Sussex areas.

We can service many different types of heating and cooling products including: Fridges,Freezers, Cold Stores, Chillers, Wine Coolers, Air Handling Units and all types of Ducting and Ventilation.

Planned Maintenance :

Is available to suit your specific requirements and can cover from ‘labour only’ to a ’parts and labour’ agreement. The ’call-out’ response can be tailored to suit your requirements.

Generally we offer a same day or next day service. If required we can offer response within 3 hours of receipt of the call.

In addition to our maintenance work, the department carries out various service work such as:-

The department also offers a Total Building solution package which includes:-

Sales, installation, commissioning and maintenance are covered by our engineers. Equipment includes:

Cold Stores & Freezers . Refrigeration Reclaim  .  Refrigeration Conversion  . Ice Makers .

Liquid Chillers & Heat Pumps  .  Low Temperature Applications . Supermarket Displays

Commercial . Industrial . Residential


Industrial Chillers

Air Conditioning

Service - Maintenance - Repairs

                Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning :  

                                                          Fixed  .  Mobile  . VRV  .  Multi-Split  Chillers . Refrigerated Displays .  Close Control