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Very Dirty Air Conditioning Coil .... Fancy inhaling that ? Air Conditioning Unit reported to have foul smell as you can see it had never been maintained

Why Have a Maintenance Agreement

Fan Scroll Clogged with Dirt

Other advantages of Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance maintains the efficiency of air conditioning equipment.

For example, a filter blocked with dirt can mean that insufficient air would pass over the evaporator coil causing inefficiency of the unit, and over a long period could well be harmful to the major component of the unit, namely the compressor.

Regular maintenance visits will also prevent your unit from producing unpleasant smells and will increase the units’ efficiency.

As part of the service routines, we utilise electronic equipment to check for refrigerant leaks and we can often cure a “pinhole” leak before the HCFC or HFC refrigerant gas completely discharges into the atmosphere, further depleting the ozone layer.

Some Air Conditioning units may need more regular maintenance visits than others. For example, a print shop will need their filters cleaned regularly due to the fine print dust particles clogging up the filters and reducing the air flow. Also some office units will need more regular visits if the office is busy, has a high number of people working in a small space or if the office is an a city.

We offer customers two different types of Air Conditioning maintenance plans:

Air Conditioning Maintenance A’ Plan

The `A’ Plan contract cover includes 2 No. planned visits per year, plus any other call-outs free of charge during normal working hours (0800-1700 hours). Out of hours call-outs are chargeable as per our current rates.


* Our `A’ Plan Air Conditioning maintenance customers also receive all call-out labour free of charge during the course of the annual agreement. This can prove to be very cost effective as the equipment becomes older.

Air Conditioning Maintenance `B’ Plan

The `B’ Plan contract cover includes 2 No. planned visits per year only. All other call-outs are chargeable at our current rates.

* Our `B' Plan Air Conditioning Maintenance customers would pay labour charges for repair service calls, but charges are lower than for non-Air Conditioning agreement customers.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Plans