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Airtech Air Conditioning offers mobile units for hire that are suitable for all your cooling requirements ranging from a single room in the home to Comm’s Rooms/Data Centres, Large and small offices and much more.

We offer both Hose Type Portable Air Conditioning Units and split Portable Air Conditioning Units for hire as shown below.

Hire Prices start from £75.00 Per week and we offer very competitive discounts for long term hire.

We can Hire a mobile unit for emergency cooling in London, Surrey, Kent, Sussex and SE areas.

ideal if your current system has broken down or just for the hot and humid weather in the summer seasons

Don’t worry if your not sure what type of mobile unit you need........just call the number below for our professional and friendly advise.

Delonghi Hose Type Mobile Air Conditioner Delonghi Split Air Conditioning Portable Unit Vent Axia Air Mobile Conditioning Unit

only £95.00

only £75.00

Enquire Enquire

only £75.00


Please call our Hire department for friendly help and advice TEL: 01342 836000

Portable - Mobile - Air Conditioning Hire

Hose Type Air Conditioning Unit

Split Type Air Conditioning Unit

Vent Axia 4 in 1 Cooling and Heating

This unit has a cooling capacity of 3.5 kw along with a 2 Kw heater. The heat removed from the room is discharged as hot air through the hose at the rear of the unit.The end of the hose is is directed out to the atmosphere through a partially open window or through an aperture in the wall or window. Condensate water is collected in a built-in tank Alternatively a drain hose may be fitted.

5 Kw Split Type Portable Air Conditioning

3 Meter Umbilical cord attachment with separate condenser that can be placed outdoors or through a window Ideal emergency cooling for heavy duty areas such as computer rooms This unit can be hired from Airtech on a weekly basis (2 Weeks Min)

2 Kw Hose type Portable Air Conditioning Unit for Hire , Suitable for domestic purposes or small offices.


You will need to position the unit adjacent an opening window as the heat exhaust hose is only 1 meter long