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Ideal for office environments where space is an issue as these units can be recessed in to the ceiling voids to utilise space. These units also provide both heating and cooling and are very cost effective.

Ceiling Cassette Type

Wall Mounted

Popular for both residential and commercial property where space is not an issue, wide range of applications available, comfort cooling and heating

Floor Mounted

Used in applications where space is at a minimum, these units can be recessed in to wall spaces where wall space is at a minimum. These units can be fully recessed if required and typically suit domestic applications. These units provide both heating and cooling and are somewhat like a radiator but use refrigerant instead of water.

Ceiling Suspended

Used where a suspended ceiling is not available and mainly in a commercial environment.

These units are ideal for retail units where airflow is directed at high level heating or cooling efficiently.

Ducted / Concealed

Used in residential and commercial property where concealment of the unit is required. Airflow is provided through linear grilles which can be colour matched to wall decor to provide unobtrusive heating and cooling. Ideal for Hotel bedrooms, commercial and residential property.

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