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Carbon Footprint

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Airtech Air Conditioning Services Limited and Airtech Service and Maintenance Limited provide a full Building Services Package and handle any size system ranging from a Portable Air Conditioning System to office block Installations using VRV Building Solutions offering Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Humidification, Dehumidification, Close Control, Wine Cellar Solutions, Refrigeration and Mechanical Building Services .

The company is made up of two divisions: Airtech Air Conditioning Services Ltd (for new installations) and Airtech Service & Maintenance Ltd (for aftercare).

Airtech was formed in 1979 to specialise in Air Conditioning & Heat Pump Systems. Over the years the company has grown, and now covers all aspects of Plumbing & Heating, Mechanical Services, Renewable Energy, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. Our customer base is diverse, ranging from a mobile unit for an individual customer to complex systems for the Houses of Parliament Westminster London.

Our company is continually expanding our knowledge on how to protect the world’s environment and one improvement is to calculate our `Carbon Footprint’. We are concentrating to reduce Carbon Emissions created within our work and home environment.

How we are reducing our Carbon Footprint

Identifying the size of the current Carbon Footprint in accordance with latest DEFRA reporting guidance and the World Business Council's Greenhouse Gas Protocol

• Identifying and quantifying the sources of carbon emissions

• Identifying carbon reduction initiatives

• Ongoing measurement of the impact of reduction initiatives in order to aid company staff reporting of greenhouse gas emissions

The two main contributions to our carbon 'footprint' are the use of electricity and refrigerant gas within our products.

The improvements our company is making


All electricity generates Carbon Dioxide. Fossil fuelled technologies such as Coal, Oil and Gas have the largest effect due to the fact that they burn fuels during operation. Non-fossil fuel based technologies such as wind, solar, hydro, biomass, wave and nuclear have lower effects but are not Carbon Free. Airtech Air Conditioning continue research with our manufacturers and suppliers to offer the lowest Carbon solution.


The use of Refrigerant Gas is a significant proportion of our carbon footprint, and we are working under the European Union's F-gas Regulation No 842/2006. The Regulation aims to minimise emissions of these gases, which affect global warming if they escape into the atmosphere.


Our aim is to convert all our company vehicles to low-carbon vehicles, and staff to vehicle share when possible.

Summary of our Carbon Footprint

We have found that the changes we are making to reduce our Carbon Footprint are improving our environment and also saving money.

Health & Safety Policy documentation

A CD detailing all policies and processes is available on request.